I'm Josipa Čok.

I create digital artworks.

I am the illustrator, colorist, writer of art for my comic series called EcoWoman.

You can read it for free on the web page.

Or read on a free platform much more convenient to read comics on your phone.

She is Jane, a scientist hard working ecologist, and protector EcoWoman.

She is a fighter for a healthier Earth and environmental change.

Her superpowers are given by Earth to protect and keep humans safe.

We need to learn how to be more Earth friendlier, keep it cleaner, and safer.

Thank you for reading my comic.

I do other art too!

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If you like my artwork and what I do, please consider hiring me for any artwork offer, and help me continue creating amazing comics and art.
 Also, I create digital illustrations and commission artworks.
Thank you very much for checking out my page!

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